Bye Bye Badman have found a sound that’s perfect for the ocean. The smooth indie pop rock that the band has cornered is shown off again in this EP. Wave, in itself, isn’t anything more special from their previous full length. But what it does is show that the band has its sweet spot.

bye bye badman wave

Wave is made for listening while taking it easy. Tempos are easy going along with the rhythms. The vocals swim along with the instrumentals and it never feels like there’s any stress on the songs. From “Wave” comes “Colin,” which is the single. I actually though the track was a collaboration with Goldmund because the initial melody reminded me a lot of them. The song takes its time until the chorus when the melodies finally come alive. I wouldn’t say that “Colin” is a boring song because it’s the opposite, but it feels like it’s moving in half time during the verses.

“Mercury” isn’t any surprise either. It does slow down even more than the precious two tracks and loves adding space between beats. “Mercury” almost feels like an indie lullaby because of the mood it brings. Finishing out Wave is “Best Friends.” It’s a bit more of the same. Still good, but nothing out of the standard.

Bye Bye Badman make great songs. With Wave though I feel like these four songs are B-sides. They all have a lot in common to the point where at times it was difficult to know what song was playing. In a live setting, they can grab your attention without a problem, but in this release I expected a little more, not just more of the same.

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