Korean Hip-hop might have some well known artists and music competition shows have brought out more into the spotlight. But overall, the genre and its musicians are still working and struggling to make an impact and become more well known. Holmes Crew is one of those groups. Consisting of six members, Holmes Crew bring together the talents of its members to present a personal and unique perspective as a Hip-hop artists in South Korea.

holmes crew

Can you introduce Holmes Crew?

Y1lee: We have six members, Silly Fiilm (media), Shupie (producer/rapper), Silly Boot (musician), Y1lee, Hash Swan, D.Kash (producer and musician). We do rapping, singing, and producing together, we don’t really have set roles. Shuppie does the mixing and mastering.

How would you describe the landscape of Hip-hop in South Korea now?

Shupie: To be honest, we mostly focus on our own music, so we are not really familiar with Korean Hip-hop landscape. We do love other rappers and cheer for them, but we think that it is a crucial time for us to cooperate each other to encourage the Korean rap scene.

Silly Boot: Our rap is inspired by our daily life such as taking subway, or going to bars or walking on the street by observing other people and their behaviors.

Do you think music competition shows like Show Me the Money are helping or hurting up-and- coming artists?

Shupie: There are pros and cons. But in general I view it as a positive sign. They have boosted Korean Hip-hop culture to the public.

Y1lee: Pro is the TV shows helps public be exposed more about hip hip which is we belong. So, I see it as a positive part, and for the cons: is that they are likely to emphasize on acting more than just delivering genuine Hip-hop culture. Focusing more on performance to attract more views. In general, this cons has been better little by little as the seasons progress.

Shupie: We generally have a neutral stance on the TV show.

Silly Boot: We are biased because it is the program made Hash Swan famous.

Holmes Crew is a collective of artists, but how does each member differentiate themselves from each other?

Y1lee: You should listen my music coming out Mango on July 30th. You will understand that everyone is different.

If someone never heard of Holmes Crew, how would you describe the group?

Y1lee: Since we are just expressing and delivering our stories, so whether some like our songs, or other dislike; I just want people to listen our songs as if they are listening to their friends’ daily stories. Especially, in our recent albums, we are trying to include what we feel, what we hear, what we see, and what we experience, so the more people listen our songs, I am sure that they will be more curious about our songs.

Shupie: We are staying true to ourselves.

How did each member get into Hip-hop?

Y1lee: I think this implies to all of us, we started rapping to impress girls by delivering our sincerity.

What are the influences of each member?

Silly Boot: Lyrics. In our lyrics, we deliver our stories to the public. Since each member’s ages is varied, people who listen our music can regard that they listening older persons’ stories or younger persons’ stories respectively. Since each member’ personalities are so different, our styles are different as well. For instance, Y1lee, he is likely to cheer others up when people are down, but for me, I am more likely to explore that emotion deeper. Each member has different influences.

There are few well-known artists from companies like Illionaire or Hi-Lite, but overall the public doesn’t know a lot about Hip-hop. Where would someone start if they’re trying to find out more about South Korean artists?

Silly Boot: We don’t really know. If we knew about it, we would have been famous already.

What do you want to accomplish with Holmes Crew?

Y1lee: World tour, and wanna be one of the top Indie Korean rap groups.

Silly Boot: World tour.

Anything to say to readers?

Y1lee: I hope people enjoy our songs.

Silly Boot: I want people to identify with our songs and understand the feeling behind it.

Y1lee: We are trying to release as many songs as possible, so people can pick our songs based on their musical taste. And my album will be come out on july 30th. Enjoy it!


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