I think I previewed one of sears‘ songs a long time ago. I picked up their self-titled album when going on a Bandcamp binge. I thought I was going to be hearing some recognizable rock music, but sears jump into a different direction from the start of “Red Balloon.” They describe themselves as psychedelic and electronic, which is a very good description. The music has a strong psychedelic wrapper on every song, to the point where it starts to mess with your mind.


It’s kind of rare to hear psychedelic music in South Korea. There are, of course, a small amount of bands who perform the style with amazing flourishes, but it’s difficult to find them. sears, on their album, grab the genre and supplement it with electronic beats. If there is one issue that occurs, it’s that the basic melodies on their songs all follow a similar trail. It’s almost like you’re listening to one long track that was split into ten separate tracks. Looking at it that way, it’s kind of a musical walkabout that sears take you on. “Half Moon” feels like the first break. It pulls back a little, while still supplying the psychedelic elements.

From “Seoul Fog,” it sounds like you’re going on a different path. It’s weird, but most songs feel like your directly in a cloud of haze and have to concentrate on not getting lost in songs. Listening to sears on a commute actually gets you a little lost. There’s a wanderlust that is fueled through the music. With songs that could easily have been slight variations of the same tone, sears do an excellent job of making an album that feels laid back, but contains excellent tracks.

I think sears have presented a slice of music not readily heard. The self-titled album is solid and shows a lot of talent between the two members. My only wish is that there was a bit more differentiation between tracks so I knew where I was in the album.

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