It’s been a while since I listened to Salad Bowl and I forgot what type of music was played. Even with the Bandcamp descriptions that only helped a little to really know what there’s a something real… would be. Even with “These aren’t real,” I didn’t know if that was simply an introduction track or a hint of the rest of the album.

salad bowl there's a something real

“Candle’s path” is an interesting indie pop rock song. It has an old sound to the style, but somehow also feel modern. It also features a synth melody that runs along with the verse and while I thought it would be weird, it fits the song’s theme really well. The fun of there’s a something real… is that it doesn’t follow any particular conventions. The songs jump genres slightly and Salad Bowl doesn’t feel the need to play the same thing over again.

You go from indie pop to rock to alternative all within three songs. Even though the styles overlap, the tracks all have an unique flavor. I think the only thing that would need work is the mastering. Even though each instrument is easy to hear, they are layered so that it can be difficult to hear one particular melody. But you can’t complain that much with ten tracks that all have their own sound. That’s the brilliance of Salad Bowl.

there’s a something real might sound a little like a demo at times, but the songs are solid. With the ability to jump genres and still sound comfortable is an impressive feat. I know that Salad Bowl might not speak to people who enjoy really polished music, but this album is a lot of fun. That’s something that can be hard to describe for other albums.

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