It’s been some time, but Holy Hum has returned with a new album titled All Of My Bodies releasing October 6th. Recorded between 2013 through 2015 then mixed and mastered in 2016; the album had a long gestation period. All Of My Bodies was put to the side while Holy Hum released Appendix C and Appendix A + B. The long period of All Of My Bodies was due to Holy Hum learning the recording software he used.

Lee wrote All Of My Bodies shortly after the passing of his father. After spending a month by his father’s side in the hospital, Lee became acutely aware of all the machines keeping people alive. The hum from these machines took on a transcendent meaning and is where the idea for Holy Hum was born. During this time, hiding out, Lee felt the freedom to experiment artistically and musically without any commercial pressures. Creating music purely for himself, as a mechanism in which to grieve and move on.

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