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News, Reviews, and more about Korean indie music

Letter from the Editor : The 2015 Outlook

Posted by on 2014/11/10 in Editorials, News | 0 comments

If you follow the site regularly, then you’ve seen the big changes that have happened since the start of the Summer. Korean Indie...

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Culture Collide San Francisco & Seoulsonic 2K14 introduce Korean music again

Posted by on 2014/10/20 in Editorials, Shows | 3 comments

It’s a day short of a week since Culture Collide San Francisco started. The first Culture Collide in San Francisco happened over two...

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The State of Korean Music in 2014

Posted by on 2014/08/31 in Editorials | 0 comments

When it comes to Korean music, I don’t consider myself an expert of the history of the rise of rock music. Since I only started...

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Indie Spotlight : St. Lenox

Posted by on 2014/07/30 in International Korean, Interviews | 0 comments

St.Lenox (a.k.a. Andrew Choi) narrates his stories through his lyrics and the depth of emotions are heard through his vocals. And to be...

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Korean Indie Livestream

Posted by on 2014/07/24 in Editorials, News | 0 comments

After a bunch of technical problems, the livestream happened last night. I needed to edit the beginning of the video because I was testing...

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5 Tips when attending an Indie Festival

Posted by on 2014/07/14 in Editorials | 0 comments

Having never gone to a music festival in my life, I’ve gone through several errors while my visit to this year’s Soundholic...

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Indie Spotlight: Jhameel

Posted by on 2014/06/10 in International Korean, Interviews | 1 comment

Self proclaimed pop-indie singer-songwriter and sound engineer, Jhameel has been compared to legendary pop singers such as Michael Jackson...

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Pray For South Korea Part One

Posted by on 2014/05/21 in Artist Editorial | 0 comments

When I was proposed with an editorial, the theme was, of course, about music. So this editorial should have been about a musician’s unique perspective, amusing experiences, personal opinions. However, in front of the unbelievably horrendous accident that happened on April 16th, 2014, I was reduced into an useless person.

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Masterpiece Songs from Busan

Posted by on 2014/05/12 in Artist Editorial | 0 comments

It’s not only in Seoul you can find Korean indie bands. There isn’t a well-established label or continuous release of notable albums but in Busan (and other areas), there are remarkable bands that are hard to ignore.

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Romantiqua Interviews Romantiqua

Posted by on 2014/05/08 in Artist Editorial | 1 comment

At the behest of Korean Indie, Romantiqua wanted to share a small glimpse of our life as a band in the Seoul’s indie scene. It’s been more than two years as a band and we’ve been fortunate to have developed strong personal relationships.

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