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Square the Circle : Building a Practice Room on our Own Part Two

Posted by on 2014/04/22 in Artist Editorial | 1 comment

Read Part One Day 8 (10월 15일 화요일) 열고 싶은 마음이 전혀 들지 않게 생긴 낡은 현관문을 깔끔하게 만들기 위해 페인트를 칠했다. 빨간색을 사용하고 싶었지만 현관문이 너무 새빨가면 안 될 것 같아 오렌지색에 가까운 등색 유성...

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Being a musician/critic

Posted by on 2014/04/21 in Artist Editorial, Featured | 0 comments

When Chris told me that I could write for, I was half excited (I don’t think it would be necessary to explain this...

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Square the Circle : Building a Practice Room on our Own Part One

Posted by on 2014/04/20 in Artist Editorial, Featured | 2 comments

연습과 곡 작업을 위한 공간이 절실하게 필요했던 우리는 서울 시내 거의 모든 지하실을 둘러본 끝에 드디어 적당한 곳을 찾아냈다. 이곳을 연습실로 만들기 위해서는 방음 공사가 필요했는데, 비용을 절감하기 위해 우리가 직접 시공하고 전문적인 기술이 필요한 부분만 업자(이하 ‘아저씨’)에게 맡기기로 했다.

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Ask a Korean: How to Make it in America with Music

Posted by on 2014/04/14 in Ask a Korean | 0 comments

Dear Korean, I’d love to hear your opinion on what it would take for a Korean or Korean-American act to “make it” in the...

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Astroboy of feverdogs : A story behind “경성별곡”

Posted by on 2014/04/08 in Artist Editorial, Featured | 1 comment

On a cold winter day in 2013. It was when I was helping record Yello Loko’s EP album at our studio called Nightmare Factory. It was when...

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Update 1: Soft Rollout of Ads

Posted by on 2014/04/07 in Editorials, News | 0 comments

Hello everyone. I made it a point that with each update of that I would be transparent about the changes. Today is the...

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Announcing: Editorials from Korean bands

Posted by on 2014/04/06 in Editorials, News | 2 comments

As grows, I want to help musicians have a bigger voice with international audiences. I had an idea to expand the type of...

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The upcoming future of koreanindie

Posted by on 2014/03/30 in Editorials, News | 2 comments

Hello to everyone reading this, First, thank you for taking the time to visit If this is your first visiting the site,...

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Music Alliance Pact : March 2014

Posted by on 2014/03/15 in Music Alliance Pact | 0 comments

The 15th of March has come upon us and the bloggers in the Music Alliance Pact have once again joined forces to bring you some of the very...

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2014 Korean Music Awards: Predictions Outcome

Posted by on 2014/03/03 in Contests, KMA Special | 0 comments

Last Friday the winners of the 11th Korean Music Awards were announced–we shared the entire list on Twitter and have a post covering...

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