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News, Reviews, and more about Korean indie music

Interview with 1TON

Posted by on 2014/12/16 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

I was introduced to Taesub, guitarist of 1TON, by JaeHyuk of Yellow Monsters. He told me that I would definitely enjoy 1TON’s...

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Interview with Idiotape

Posted by on 2014/11/03 in Featured, Interviews | 2 comments

During my September trip to Seoul, I met Tako manager of Idiotape at the Korean Indie Meet-Up. He asked if I’d be interested in...

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Interview with Kernelstrip

Posted by on 2014/11/02 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

I found Kernelstrip through a WATMM video. His album Walking Through The Galaxy wasn’t available online yet, but after talking to...

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Interview with SellinSellySelline (셀린셀리셀리느)

Posted by on 2014/10/30 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

Within the first few seconds of listening to SellinSellySelline’s debut album, 검은아이, I knew that I had come across a gem. The album isn’t...

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Interview with Dead Gakkahs

Posted by on 2014/10/21 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

I’ve seen Dead Gakkahs perform live once. Seeing their live set, I was honestly a little afraid of them. But I like Dead...

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Interview with Afro Maria (아프로마리아)

Posted by on 2014/09/09 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

If I remember correctly Afro Maria contacted the site through email about their music. They did released a video for “Dog”...

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Interview with PATiENTS (페이션츠)

Posted by on 2014/09/04 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

PATiENTS went to the United Kingdom to show off their hybrid punk style for another audience earlier this year and they’re doing it...

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Interview with CoreMagaZinE (코어매거진)

Posted by on 2014/08/18 in Featured, Interviews | 1 comment

I’ve been a fan of CoreMagaZinE since they first released Peep. The re-release featured some songs in English as well and that EP was also enjoyable. But the band seemed to disappear for a while until they reemerged when the band was crowdfunding for their first full length album.

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Interview with 100989

Posted by on 2014/07/31 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

Finding interesting music on bandcamp is becoming the norm and 100989 is no different. When listening to Erased, I found it very interesting and different and the album continues to be in my rotation of music.

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Indie Spotlight : St. Lenox

Posted by on 2014/07/30 in International Korean, Interviews | 0 comments

St.Lenox (a.k.a. Andrew Choi) narrates his stories through his lyrics and the depth of emotions are heard through his vocals. And to be...

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