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Update 2: Regroup, Reformation, and the Future

Posted by on 2014/04/15 in News | 0 comments

Hey everyone, Previously, I started a poll on what new koreanindie branded stuff you wanted me to print. I got a lot of responses...

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HOLOGRAM FILM : That Night (Feat. Nine9)

Posted by on 2014/04/13 in News | 0 comments

HOLOGRAM FILM, a rookie K-indie rock group that made their debut with an impressive first EP, Fresh Light (2012), finally released their...

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Help us decide what to print next

Posted by on 2014/04/10 in News | 0 comments

Last year I decided to print some koreanindie t-shirts. They sold ok and I gave away some to musicians in South Korea and during the...

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Preface to band editorials

Posted by on 2014/04/08 in News | 0 comments

It seems like I’m writing a lot of small updates recently, but I decided that it would be good to clarify a little bit about what...

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Update 1: Soft Rollout of Ads

Posted by on 2014/04/07 in Editorials, News | 0 comments

Hello everyone. I made it a point that with each update of that I would be transparent about the changes. Today is the...

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FEllAS release new single, Ballade

Posted by on 2014/04/07 in News | 0 comments

R&B band FEllAS released their new single, Ballade, containing two previously unavailable songs, “너 밖에 없다 (No One But...

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Announcing: Editorials from Korean bands

Posted by on 2014/04/06 in Editorials, News | 2 comments

As grows, I want to help musicians have a bigger voice with international audiences. I had an idea to expand the type of...

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HarryBigButton release Perfect Storm EP

Posted by on 2014/04/03 in News | 0 comments

Rock band HarryBigButton released their latest EP, Perfect Storm, marking a return since last year’s single, “Control”....

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LudiSTELO release their first album, Experience

Posted by on 2014/04/03 in News | 0 comments

A bit of news that will make many of you happy, electronic-rock group LudiSTELO finally released their first full length album,...

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Amor Fati releases “Say The Word”

Posted by on 2014/03/31 in News | 0 comments

You don’t see all-lady bands often, so this is a treat. New band Amor Fati released their debut single, “Say The Word,”...

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