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News, Reviews, and more about Korean indie music

TV Yellow : Strange Ears

Posted by on 2014/09/08 in Reviews | 0 comments

I listened to TV Yellow a long time ago. Considering Strange Ears released in 2010, it’s been a long time since I heard the album...

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J. Rabbit : Stop & Go

Posted by on 2014/09/07 in Reviews | 0 comments

I have been a big fan of J. Rabbit since they released It’s Spring, the focus was primarily on the videos. Many of the recordings were the...

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PIGIBIT5 (피기비츠) : Mr. MUMBA

Posted by on 2014/09/03 in Reviews | 0 comments

I bought PIGIBIT5‘s Mr. MUNBA when it released on bandcamp, but then forgot to write about it until it showed up in a generated...

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Little Miss Sunshine (리틀 미스 선샤인) : Be Yourself!

Posted by on 2014/09/02 in Reviews | 0 comments

Generally I don’t like to review single songs. In most cases, it gives a very short introduction to a musician without anything else...

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Daredaa (달에닿아) : Swimming Star

Posted by on 2014/09/01 in Reviews | 0 comments

Although their style is nothing new, they make their presence known through presentation – from the way the singer articulates to...

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The Electric Eels (전기뱀장어) : 너의 의미 (I Think of You)

Posted by on 2014/08/28 in Reviews | 0 comments

With two years between The Electric Eels‘ 최고의 연애 and 너의 의미, it’s been a while since the band has released new music. They did...

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Achtung (악퉁) : 기록 (Record)

Posted by on 2014/08/27 in Reviews | 0 comments

I don’t listen to a lot of mellow rock, but Achtung‘s Record is an album that has found its way into my library. The band have...

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Unchained : Thorn (가시)

Posted by on 2014/08/26 in Reviews | 0 comments

Unchained is a Busan-based rock band that has been around for quite a while, releasing EPs and singles here and there, yet I had never...

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모리 (Morrie) : 낮과 밤 (Day & Night)

Posted by on 2014/08/25 in Reviews | 0 comments

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Morrie. The last album that I listened to was the music died on the air. which I...

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Forest of Breath : Me and You with Night

Posted by on 2014/08/24 in Reviews | 1 comment

From the first taste of Forest of Breath’s second EP Me and You with Night you might be inclined to think that it is typical...

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