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Seoulsonic 2K14 : Glen Check

Posted by on 2014/03/27 in Shows | 2 comments

Out of all the bands that played at Seoulsonic 2K14 in San Francisco, Glen Check might have been the band that most people either knew...

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Watch Hee Young on STAGEIT April 6, 2014

Posted by on 2014/03/27 in News, Shows | 0 comments

If you don’t live in New York, you haven’t had a chance to see Hee Young perform live. Or if you haven’t been in Seoul...

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Seoulsonic 2K14 : Love X Stereo

Posted by on 2014/03/26 in Shows | 0 comments

I know Love X Stereo the best out of all the bands. I saw them twice in Seoul over the past couple years. When they arrived in the San...

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Seoulsonic 2K14 NYC features new lineup

Posted by on 2014/03/25 in News, Shows | 0 comments

As people may know, the Korean musicians that were originally scheduled to visit the United States got delayed by visa issues. This also...

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Seoulsonic 2K14 : Smacksoft

Posted by on 2014/03/25 in Shows | 0 comments

As the second band in the show, Smacksoft‘s mixture of post punk, rock, and electronica was the perfect follow up to...

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Seoulsonic 2K14 San Francisco : Rock’n'Roll Radio

Posted by on 2014/03/24 in Shows | 0 comments

I’ve been watching Rock’n'Roll Radio since I saw one of their videos on YouTube. Finally being able to see the band live, I...

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Preview bands announced for SXSW 2014

Posted by on 2013/11/19 in News, Shows, Videos | 1 comment

SXSW released the second set of bands that will be attending the Music portion of the festival. If you don’t know these bands,...

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Love X Stereo at Korea Remix for CMJ 2013

Posted by on 2013/10/22 in Shows | 0 comments

College Music Journal hosts a music festival every year, a week-long series of shows spanning much of downtown Manhattan and across the...

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Galaxy Express’ Turn It Up to 11 Part 2: Wild Days at CAAMFest 2013

Posted by on 2013/02/25 in Shows | 0 comments

koreanindie has been working on expanding our participation in promoting Korean indie music beyond the site. This year, we are...

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Telepathy, FF, and Other Thoughts

Posted by on 2012/05/14 in Editorials, Features, Shows | 0 comments

Last weekend was the eighth anniversary party at Hongdae club FF (né Funky Funky), and as FF typically does for its anniversaries, it had...

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