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News, Reviews, and more about Korean indie music


Posted by on 2014/12/17 in Shows | 0 comments

It wasn’t until the past couple years that Korean hip-hop acts began performing in the U.S., so it was a pleasure to experience...

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AOMG at Stage 48 in NYC

Posted by on 2014/11/20 in Shows | 0 comments

Above Ordinary Music Group, or AOMG, is a new label in the Korean hip-hop scene with big names at the head. With Jay Park and Simon D, the...

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Korean Cultural Service New York Open Stage : Juris Kuns

Posted by on 2014/11/18 in Shows | 0 comments

I can be a bit of an obsessive when it comes to my interests, from a notebook filled with video game stats, collections of books by one...

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SXSW 2015 2nd Round of Bands Announced

Posted by on 2014/11/18 in News, Shows | 0 comments

SXSW has announced the second round of bands heading to the Music portion of the festival in 2015. Only four Korean bands this time...

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Seoulsonic 2K14 NYC Show X CMJ

Posted by on 2014/11/02 in Shows | 0 comments

Beset with visa issues in the spring, the first Seoulsonic show this year was a good event, and a blast, and DFSB Kollective could have...

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SXSW 2015 1st Round of Bands Announced

Posted by on 2014/10/22 in News, Shows | 0 comments

SXSW has just announced the first set of bands for the 2015 festival. Since SXSW is an international festival, there are bands from all...

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Culture Collide San Francisco & Seoulsonic 2K14 introduce Korean music again

Posted by on 2014/10/20 in Editorials, Shows | 3 comments

It’s a day short of a week since Culture Collide San Francisco started. The first Culture Collide in San Francisco happened over two...

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Kindie Spotlight : Lucite Tokki x The Korea Society

Posted by on 2014/10/15 in Featured, Shows | 2 comments

One of the perks to writing about music is that it gives me a push to see live shows that I normally would not attend otherwise. For...

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Asian Music Festival : Illionaire Records

Posted by on 2014/09/09 in Shows | 0 comments

Korean hip-hop artists rarely, if ever, come to the States. Those that could did so for vacation or work, but didn’t play venues while...

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구텐버즈 (Guten Birds) : Guten Festa on September 10, 2014

Posted by on 2014/08/21 in News, Shows | 0 comments

Korean Indie Band, Guten Birds, will be holding their solo show, “Guten Festa,” for the first time in two years on September...

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