Neon Bunny (야광토끼) : Stay Gold

If you look at Neon Bunny‘s discography, she actually doesn’t have a lot of releases. She started in 2011 with Seoulight and released Happy Ending in 2012. She didn’t return until 2014 with “It’s You” and then kind of disappeared...

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Drive Shower (드라이브 샤워) : Summer Vacation

Coming across Drive Shower, I originally thought their name was Summer Vacation. Then after seeing the music video for “Summer Vacation,” I realized I had the band’s name wrong for about a month. Their three song single Summer Vacation is perfectly...

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Sons of Tiger : Sons of Tiger

It’s funny how many bands I know of, but never get a chance to watch when I’m in Seoul. My trips usually only cover two weekends which make it difficult to see tons of bands. I was able to watch Sons of Tiger at the now closed Ruial Rock when they...

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Ego Function Error (에고펑션에러) : EpEpShake

Like most bands, I heard of Ego Function Error before I saw them live. Honestly, the show I saw during Winter 2015 was bizarre. The type of music that Ego Function Error play is difficult to explain. It’s a mix of rock, experimental noise, sometimes blues, with...

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XXX’s “Yves” Featured on Maison Kitsuné

XXX, comprised of members Kim Ximya and FRNK, have been featured on Maison Kitsuné’s Hot Stream Channel as their 100th track. Kim Ximya is best known as a featured artist on E Sens‘s The Anecdote which won Album of the Year at 2016’s Korean Music...

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Interview with Big Phony

I’ve been lucky enough to see Big Phony play live a few times, all of which have been in the United States. His stage presence is fun to watch as he interacts with the audience between each song. When he let me know that he was using Kickstarter to fund his next...

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Expanding “Korean Indie” Outside of South Korea

2015 was a busy year for Korean Indie. It felt like there was a new release every week that deserved attention and showed how much Korean musicians were progressing. We had a ton of reviews and a lot of great interviews, I spoke at KCON 2015 (hungover) and Toronto...

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