The Fake Place : The Fake Place

I first found The Fake Place on Bandcamp through The place you’ve never reached which released in March 2015. Then in June, he released a self-titled full length. Since I didn’t listen to a lot of his SoundCloud uploads, hearing the album was like going...

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Urban Zakapa : Still

Urban Zakapa is my absolute favourite co-ed trio. They have incredible vocals and I am always excited whenever they have new releases. Still was released back in May and is comprised of five beautiful tracks! If any of our readers are unfamilar with Urban Zakapa, they...

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Taehyun CHOI : Parted Songs 2013~2014

I have yet to fully understand what makes the music of Taehyun CHOI’s band Kuang Program so magnetically visceral. Even their earlier and relatively tamer material (such as their first album You or Me) feels like it’s always on the brink of imploding. Maybe its Choi’s...

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PATiENTS Head To UK For The Third Time

PATiENTS attended Liverpool Sound City the past two years and they’re heading back for their third round of shows. Alongside their main performance at Liverpool Sound City, the trio will be hitting other venues to show off their hybrid punk sound. This trip is...

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Interview with Big Phony

I’ve been lucky enough to see Big Phony play live a few times, all of which have been in the United States. His stage presence is fun to watch as he interacts with the audience between each song. When he let me know that he was using Kickstarter to fund his next...

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Best of 2015 : Xtian’s Picks

The year in Korean indie in 2015 could be summed up in one word: fun. So many of the feelings I had while listening to this list of music, from sadness, joy, anger, and love, these artists and their respective albums brought them all to the forefront in ways that I...

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