Ahn Dayoung (안다영) : Waves, Smoke, River

During my interview with Patrick Connor about Zandari Festa, he mentioned Ahn Dayoung. I looked her up on YouTube and then immediately went to find her music online. I found her EP from 2014 on iTunes and bought it. Waves, Smoke, River is an amazing EP. Hands down...

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Salgat (살갗) : Immune (면역)

A few months ago, I received a message though the Korean Indie Facebook from a member of Salgat. I listened to the EP and planned on reviewing it, but it got lost among the huge amount of music I was listening to at the time. What I enjoyed about Salgat was that it...

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Gemi (개미) : Above The Nest

The thing that sticks out with Gemi, which means ant in Korean, is that it’s the project of one person. According to Gemi’s Facebook page, Jae Hyeok Kwon was a one man band when making Above The Nest. He also describes Gemi as a rock and metal, but to me...

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The March Kings : Spring Will Come

The March Kings‘ Vivid Night released in November 2014. Their follow up, Spring Will Come, came in June of 2016. While the time between albums is a bit long, it actually doesn’t feel like it has been that long. Spring Will Come picks up where Vivid Night...

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Gus Releases New Single “Next To Me”

Gus released two amazing albums within a year. A Thing Called Tomorrow was his transition EP while Alexandria seemed to show his comfort as a solo artist. Five months after Alexandria, Gus released an new single “Next To Me.” Returning is a backing band...

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8390Project Preparing New Single for 2016

I received an email from Threekingz Records about a group called 8390Project. There’s not much information about the group and they release two singles back in January and October 2015. According to the email, they’re currently working on a new single that...

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XXX’s “Yves” Featured on Maison Kitsuné

XXX, comprised of members Kim Ximya and FRNK, have been featured on Maison Kitsuné’s Hot Stream Channel as their 100th track. Kim Ximya is best known as a featured artist on E Sens‘s The Anecdote which won Album of the Year at 2016’s Korean Music...

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Interview with Tangerine

When I received an email from Tangerine, I didn’t know what kind of music to expect from the trio. But Sugar Teeth is a great EP and one that I highly recommend. I thought that it would great for the band to introduce themselves, partially so I could learn more...

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Interview with Kanghee and Ninaian

Kanghee Choi and ninaian are two musicians who, along with their backgrounds in rock, post-rock and classical, are well-versed in the language of ambient music. Both of them are skilled at crafting absorbing soundscapes. At the end of last year, they collaborated on...

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Interview with Big Phony

I’ve been lucky enough to see Big Phony play live a few times, all of which have been in the United States. His stage presence is fun to watch as he interacts with the audience between each song. When he let me know that he was using Kickstarter to fund his next...

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