The Vane : Line

I listened to The Vane on passing a few times. It wasn't that I didn't plan on not reviewing Line, but I kept forgetting. When readers nominated The Vane as one of the best releases for 2016, I went back to see what I missed. I'm not sure about the background of The...

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Diet Darling : Using My Lips

From the first song on Diet Darling's Using My Lips, you get the feeling of laid back British garage rock. The tempo is relaxed, the guitar and bass plod with the beat, and the drums add little excitement to the overall song. But that's where the enjoyment of the band...

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TwoFive : It Was Good, That Day

I'm not sure where I heard TwoFive first, it might have been a suggested page on Facebook. But when I heard the It Was Good, That Day, it reminded me of the best parts of punk rock. Meaning the sound of the band is simple, honest, and most of all fun. The six song...

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The first time I heard of CIFIKA was through the song that she worked on with GRAYE. Now she's released, what I think, is her first EP. She's quiet on social media so it's near impossible to find out more information. But INTELLIGENTSIA is amazing. It's the work of...

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We’re Testing a Podcast. We’re Sorry.

So I came up with the idea to have a Korean Indie podcast. Actually, I wrote about it on Medium already. The plan is to record some test podcasts to see if it's something worthwhile doing and if readers find it interesting enough to keep going on a weekly basis....

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Open Call for Writers

You may have seen some of the posts on Korean Indie's social media about the "current" state of Korean music journalism. If not, don't worry because it would probably depress you. Currently Korean Indie is understaffed. We need more writers with unique voices who are...

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Bands To Watch: ADOY, Hollins, The Braces, & Attention24

While the website hosts all of our written content along with a SoundCloud playlist, YouTube playlist, and a selection of Bandcamp releases, Korean Indie's social media is usually the place to get updates for videos. Every day I go through YouTube and look for live or...

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Interview with Gongjoong Doduk

Without fail, I am floored each time I press play on experimental folk musician Gongjoongdoduk's 2015 debut album, Gongjoongdoduk. This whimsical beast of an album is packed tight with visceral nuances, funky chord progressions and dissonances, wild performances, and...

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Interview with …Whatever That Means

...Whatever That Means will be heading to the US West Coast for a tour starting July 23rd. They previously toured in 2011 and are returning to support their new split with Burn Burn Burn called Blowing Minds & Melting Faces. ...Whatever That Means are an interesting...

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Interview with First Aid

First Aid is one of the most prominent figures in the Korean electronic music scene. He has made a name for himself with his sizzling combination of technical finesse and a great sense of style. Many of you might know him from his project with Hong Hyo Jin, Room 306,...

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Interview with Tangerine

When I received an email from Tangerine, I didn't know what kind of music to expect from the trio. But Sugar Teeth is a great EP and one that I highly recommend. I thought that it would great for the band to introduce themselves, partially so I could learn more about...

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Best of 2016 : Jean’s Picks

Although I love indie music, I am not a person who listens to a whole album of an artist every time. And that is why I cannot fill up ten best albums in my list. However, I did my best to select my favorite albums and they are great albums. I listened to them more...

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