Counter Reset : Counter Reset

It’s crazy to think that Counter Reset‘s self titled album is their fourth full length. When I heard about them, I thought they were a newer punk band. But looking at their discography, they’ve been around since 2003. The best thing about Counter...

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Yksi : NeverEnding Tales

Yksi, a band I would describe as having predominantly folk and rock influences, threads their album NeverEnding Tales with a fascinating combination of lyricism and visceral emotional pain. Indeed, one thorough listen of this work can have a marked effect on...

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Shin Seol Hee : Cinder Cone

When I first started listening to Shin Seol Hee, I wasn’t quite sure what to classify her music as. Her album, Cinder Cone, begins with a song with the same title and present a down tempo electronic tone. But the core melody is presented through a keyboard with...

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Gus Releases New Single “Next To Me”

Gus released two amazing albums within a year. A Thing Called Tomorrow was his transition EP while Alexandria seemed to show his comfort as a solo artist. Five months after Alexandria, Gus released an new single “Next To Me.” Returning is a backing band...

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8390Project Preparing New Single for 2016

I received an email from Threekingz Records about a group called 8390Project. There’s not much information about the group and they release two singles back in January and October 2015. According to the email, they’re currently working on a new single that...

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Interview with …Whatever That Means

…Whatever That Means will be heading to the US West Coast for a tour starting July 23rd. They previously toured in 2011 and are returning to support their new split with Burn Burn Burn called Blowing Minds & Melting Faces. …Whatever That Means are an...

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Interview with First Aid

First Aid is one of the most prominent figures in the Korean electronic music scene. He has made a name for himself with his sizzling combination of technical finesse and a great sense of style. Many of you might know him from his project with Hong Hyo Jin, Room 306,...

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Interview with Tangerine

When I received an email from Tangerine, I didn’t know what kind of music to expect from the trio. But Sugar Teeth is a great EP and one that I highly recommend. I thought that it would great for the band to introduce themselves, partially so I could learn more...

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Interview with Kanghee and Ninaian

Kanghee Choi and ninaian are two musicians who, along with their backgrounds in rock, post-rock and classical, are well-versed in the language of ambient music. Both of them are skilled at crafting absorbing soundscapes. At the end of last year, they collaborated on...

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