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LeeRhan (이란) : 설렘이라는 것이

Posted by on 2014/08/20 in Reviews | 0 comments

LeeRhan’s 설렘이라는 것이 is represented very well in the cover art. Two of the four...

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Amado LeeJaram Band (아마도이자람밴드) : Debut (데뷰)

Posted by on 2014/08/19 in Reviews | 0 comments

The middle of 2013 had a lot of releases. I found Amado LeeJaram Band during...

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GOGOSTAR : Broken Night

Posted by on 2014/08/18 in Reviews | 0 comments

There are some bands that present their musical style with so much confidence...

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Bandcamp: Forest of Breath, Kernelstrip, MasterClass, Darley, MONKEYZ, MUSHRU:MS, Nakion, Seoul Riddim Superclub, Third Stone

Posted by on 2014/08/18 in News | 0 comments

I check through bandcamp every day for new releases and follow different...

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Idiotape : Tours

Posted by on 2014/08/13 in Reviews | 2 comments

It’s been under three years since Idiotape released 11111101 and their...

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40 : Canvas

Posted by on 2014/08/12 in Reviews | 0 comments

Over his career, 40 has been those artists that people either knew of a blank...

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Sweden Laundry : From. Paris

Posted by on 2014/08/11 in Reviews | 0 comments

If “입맛이 없어요” is the only song you listen to from Sweden Laundry’s 2012 album...

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CoreMagaZinE (코어매거진) : Rude Banquet

Posted by on 2014/08/10 in Reviews | 0 comments

When it comes to CoreMagaZinE, they’re a band that needs to have a lot...

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