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5 Tips when attending an Indie Festival

Posted by on 2014/07/14 in Editorials | 0 comments

Having never gone to a music festival in my life, I’ve gone through...

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Glittering Blackness, Fall : Untitled (2nd Album)

Posted by on 2014/07/14 in Reviews | 0 comments

The previous EP from Glittering Blackness, Fall came out in 2011. The EP was...

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Sesame and Cotton Candy (참깨와 솜사탕) : 마음거리

Posted by on 2014/07/13 in Reviews | 0 comments

마음거리 is a huge step forward from the EP that Sesame and Cotton Candy put out...

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Join the Korean Indie Livestream

Posted by on 2014/07/11 in News | 0 comments

As things are starting to ramp up with the finished test of the Korean Indie online store and the official launch of Korean Indie, LLC, I thought it would be a good time to try out a question and answer livestream regarding Korean Indie.

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Sweet Revenge : Bitter Sweet

Posted by on 2014/07/09 in Reviews | 0 comments

Sweet Revenge is one of those bands that I wish could consistently release...

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Pre-order your Korean Indie merch

Posted by on 2014/07/08 in News | 4 comments

As I prepare the business side of Korean Indie, LLC and the various permits I...

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leeSA : Where is leeSA?

Posted by on 2014/07/07 in Reviews | 0 comments

I will be the first to admit that I did not care for leeSA Wiv Hcube, which I...

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Genius : Birth Choice Death

Posted by on 2014/07/07 in Reviews | 0 comments

After listening to Beaches, I knew I needed to go back and listen to older...

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