Considering I discovered J. Rabbit through Anna in her interview with the duo and then looking at their YouTube page, I missed the actual release. Fast forward some months and I was able to listen through the album.

A combination of covers and originals, J. Rabbit play a style of music that is not entirely indie or singer-songwriter. The duo’s debut release is a dichotomy. The recording of the album is noticeably non-standard with an easy-to-hear unevenness. Some songs sound very well recorded while others sound like an on-the-spot experience.

Even through watching the YouTube where J. Rabbit resides, some of the songs were recorded at the same time as the video was shot. It’s almost a new way to present themselves as musicians.

It’s Spring is an indie highlight.

The tone and form of the music, both in the covers and originals, has a crispness and fresh feeling. Since most of the music is simple guitar and vocals, listening to the music is a laid-back experience.

J. Rabbit’s covers could be considered a little lazy, but their selection in songs to cover are also fun. “Part of Your World” is strangely one of my favorite songs on the album. Not so much because of the actual song, but the video that goes along with the song and the direct recording.

Consider the majority of the album to be indie pop with the covers being a translation into the style that the duo is great at playing. There is bound to be a favorite song among the ten on the album. J. Rabbit is a new group in the expanding Korean indie genre, but they are a duo to keep watch on.

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