While I’m more familiar with Siwa as Siwarainbow, I found her new album’s tone of acoustic indie to be very impressive.

Down to Earth returns to what I could consider the bare bones of Korean indie music. Accompanied mainly by just a guitar, the album focuses on her voice and the melodic mixture of both together. I enjoy her voice a lot. It is a bit different in range than some other indie artists, but the tone being slightly warmer and lower adds the right amount of contrast between higher pitches of the instruments in some of the songs.

Expectations of quick tempo songs should be dismissed because Down to Earth flows at its own slower tempo allowing listeners to really exist among the music. The release is of EP length, but the music is impressive.

For fans of singer-songwriter styles of music, Siwa is a perfect open door to the types of different music Korean artists create. Given that she also released a electro-indie album; each step and song she creates is deliberate and often times impressive.

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