I’ve been torn with the band Mate. While I think they make incredible music, sometimes it wasn’t as interesting to me. Other times, when I was in the mood for the music of the band; the album I listened to was incredible.

정준일‘s Lo9ve3r4s is a solo album that has a similar tone of the band, but the sound of the music is a little different. The songs have a better variety and distinct style from each other. “언제까지나 지금처럼” is the second song on the album, but has quickly become one of my favorites. The song has a warm tone and continuously rolls over itself, recalling older themes of the song and creates a layered track.

He does also play accompanied by acoustic guitar, which has to be a staple of Korean indie. But like most songs using the technique, it excels at mixing indie and ballad together without long arduous held verses. Lo9ve3r4s is great in the variety, but similarity of the songs. The album takes a lot of turns and has a loud/quiet ratio that is perfect.

I do prefer the full band songs to the acoustic songs, but overall the album is very strong and speaks to multiple listeners.


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