The sound of Demian the Band is one of the most difficult for me to place when I first heard it. It doesn’t sound like anything from Korea on the surface.

With what sounds like influences from British rock and American alternative indie, Your God Forgot, is very different. But that difference and the ability to accurately reproduce another international sound shows how well the band members play.

From the first song “Floating in Paris” to “Monster,” Demian the Band showcase a style of music that isn’t common. The songs on the album are also long with the average song sitting in six and a half minutes. But the arrangements of the song create audio experiences that do not seem overdone and boring.

Your God Forgot features great bridges and instrumentals and the patience that the album has is amazing. It could have been possible to shorten songs by removing smaller sections of the songs, but the theme of each song is a complete message.

If there had to be a comparison band, I would have to choose a similar style to British pop rock band, Blur. They have a lot of similar elements in the songs. I can’t discount that the band know how to play this style, but whether it’s going to be their continual style, I hope they bring new influences into the music.

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