Thinking back 3rd Line Butterfly‘s Nine Days or a Million was an early Korean indie discovery. It was different from even Donawhale with deeper female vocals and a slightly more mature tone.

The brilliance of the EP is that it feels like an entire album statement. But from listening to Nine Days or a Million, I had thought that 3rd Line Butterfly’s style was strictly like the EP which was incorrect. Taking the tone and style of just the 2009 EP, the sound arrives as a swan song to the band.

The band is still around, as I know, but the songs contain different emotions. The song “Nine Days” presents itself with English vocals and the impressive alternative style of the band comes across. Then take “깊은 밤 안개 속” which slowly builds to a crescendo that quickly dies in the end.

Nine Days or a Million’s songs are all different and speak with almost separate tongues. I personally don’t suggest to start listening to 3rd Line Butterfly with Nine Days or a Million, but certainly end with the EP.

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