It’s impossible to call specific bands the standard of Korean indie. But there are some bands that helped create the foundation of my huge interest into the genre. Bluedawn was a duo back in 2003 with their first album Bluedawn.

Bluedawn is my core essence of what Korean indie is. Even though Donawhale is among my top favorite indie bands, Bluedawn’s first album really showed me the depths of the genre. The music on Bluedawn is both ambient and folk. It hits both genres with an astounding quiet force that surprised me.

Even Han Heejung’s mellow vocals surprised me because there was a precise ability over the tone on each note. One of the best features of the music is that it works with and without music. The instrumentals by themselves were amazing.

While it may not be experimentation for Bluedawn, the layers and rhythms on the album were amazing. It wasn’t quite indie and wasn’t shoegaze or ambient electronica. It’s a difficult album to describe and listening to it early on was an excellent introduction.

Bluedawn might have been one of indie’s best combinations before the duo parted ways.

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