Welcome to Korean rag-time and old style jazz.

I didn’t expect anything like Show Me Love to come from South Korea, but Linus’ Blanket presented an intelligently recorded and arranged album. Starting from the first song “Rag Time” which sets the tone, the first half of the album is incredible to hear.

As the album moves into the half-way point, the rag-time pulls back and more indie influences start to appear. I think the first half of the album is the strongest because of how well Linus’ Blanket can play the style.

Hitting songs like “Letter in Vain” and recognizable indie jazz appears. The recording of Show Me Love is interesting because it sounds like a full band recording most of the time. As the last few songs start playing, the transition out of rag-time is complete and great indie pop plays in the song “고백.”

Show Me Love has a lot of highlights and the musical journey from “Rag Time” to “Walk” is like going through a musical journey.

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