The reason why Yellow Monsters Riot! is great is because it never loses any energy on any of the sixteen songs. From the start of the album, each songs builds on the one previous. Even the slower songs like “4월 16일” contain the same energy as “Riot!” and that’s what makes the album such a strong release.

Combining rock and punk influences together, it’s actually difficult to mark the album as one or the other, but regardless you will have fun listening to the album. There isn’t a song that I would remove, and coming one year after Yellow Monsters, I was a little afraid that their second album may be a little watered-down.

Fortunately, the album is amazing and one of my favorite for 2011. After their self-titled, the band has moved a step forward and crafted a stronger album that exceeds the first release. As seasoned musicians, the members could easily have produced another album on the same level as Yellow Monsters, but they went further and produced a classic album for Korean music.

There are a lot of strong tracks on the album and it doesn’t become boring at all. The only possible negative is that Yellow Monsters use the same guitar distortion on almost every song, so if you know the music it all sounds different; but if you were unfamiliar with their songs, it might sound repetitive.

But consider that guitarist/vocalist, Yongwon doesn’t use any pedals any only the switch on his guitar to go from clean to distortion and that makes it a bit more impressive when the variety of songs overall is large. Riot! is better than the self-titled and considering how great the first release was, prepare for some amazing music.

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