I listened to Pony‘s Self-titled album a long time ago. Its release in 2009 was in the middle of my exploration of different rock music. The band was quiet until 2012 when they released Little Apartment.

pony little apartment

The music is a departure from their original sound and falls back some years to a more indie rock & synth sound. The five songs on Little Apartment are up tempo, but somehow have a dark tone to the music. The music sounds very stripped back from a full band, but that could be devised from the mixing of the album.

“너의 집” is the first real song on the album and is an excellent song. It pulls influence from 1980s new wave pop with synth keyboards adding extra melody over the guitar, bass, and drums. 너의 집 sounds like a huge musical statement with how much is going on during the song, but it results in an addictive and impressive arrangement.

Then immediately on the next song “라디오,” you are presented an indie rock do-wop rock song. It uses the same basic base musicals base reference, but then adds another layer on top of the music. The remaining songs also follow their own direction. It’s a collection of songs that all sound similar, but use different elements to make each song different. Pony’s return with Little Apartment is amazing.

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