Pika is a member of Loro’s. When the members took a break because of mandatory military service, Pika released her 2010 album. Pika’s Metapmorphosis is a great electo-pop album. It doesn’t feature hard electronica beats, but favors KORG to make rhythms and melodies.

Her vocals are slightly warmer and lower than some other vocalists, but that’s what gives the EP its excellent organic sound. The strength in Pika’s Metamorphosis is the variety in the songs. With only six tracks, it could have become a very repetitive sounding album, but each song has a theme and sound that is unique.

My favorite song is “Robot Dreams.” This is partially because the more computeristic sounds among the melody and beats. Pika’s vocals are the highlight in each song because the form of the songs surround her vocals and accent the ends of verses and chorus.

The EP has a different sound from other musicians who use electronica or synth in their music. Pika’s Metamorphosis is a combination of light pop (even though the sounds are warmer) and indie electronica.

You should listen to Pika because it’s great music.

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