When I started listening to Peterpan Complex, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the music. I saw a video from the fourth album for “Morning Call,” but wasn’t sure if I would be interested in the music of the band.

Transistor changed my mind about the band because they had a very different approach to their music. The album sounds like a callback to Radiohead, which is a strange comparison, but Radiohead’s The Bends has a very similar tonal quality.

the vocals are somewhat high-pitched, but still melodic and parallel the instrumentals in amazing ways. “You Know I Love You” is a great example of how the vocals push the instrumentals even further than just following the vocals. As you proceed through the album, there is a definite progression in the theme of the album.

While the tones of the album are full of distortion in parts, there is a focus on light melody during the verses, but when the chorus hits, the music comes alive. It’s a great introduction to the awesome variety in music that Korean indie rock has. Transistor is from 2004, which is an early example, and quite different from what’s being released in 2012; but I think the album is a marker for the change in tones and themes.

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