Korean electronica or electro-pop are similar, but separate genres. It’s difficult to separate the two, but Kafka is a band that definitely plays electronica. The Most Beautiful Thing is an EP from 2010, but sounds a lot different from other band’s electronica style.

With only six songs, it’s difficult to get a feeling for what Kafka are. The album mixes an industrial style first track with “Ciper Key” and then goes for more ambient electronica with vocal on “The Most Beautiful Thing.” Kafka are a polarizing band. You may either find their music really interesting or it will sound like a bunch of noise.

I can appreciate the music that Kafka make, but The Most Beautiful Thing is different from their full-length albums. They create music that is about tones and empty space. The female vocals are more of an instrument than a prominent part of the songs adding a darker tone. Strangely, the vocals are in a higher octave so the dichotomy of the tones makes the mix of the two great.

Kakfa are one part of the electronica genre, but they have always made interesting music.

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