If you’re looking for darker, almost industrial electronica, Kafka might be the best bet for you. The music of Kafka is different and strange. It definitely isn’t anything like music you would hear normally. The dark tones are combined with high octave vocals. The music plays very melodically even though there is a sparse instrumental accompaniment.

As you listen and try to digest the music of Kafka, you need to know that it can’t really be understood on the first listen. The music of Nothingess grows as it plays. The music may sound sparse, but there are multiple layers to the music that are heard in different ways.

With fifteen songs on the album, it feels like an entire journey as you work through the music, but it’s a wonderful experience in the creativity of a band. It’s very difficult to describe the music of Kafka and more so on Nothingness, so listening to the music is the best way to know the band.

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