I’ve listened to Telepathy’s other full-lengths and was given a copy of their new single when I went out to Korea.

I have to say that I really enjoy the sound that Telepathy presents on the EP. It’s much more garage rock with electronica rather than their previous new wave style.

The single “Techno Shoes” presents a much more stripped sound with the synthesizer being an accompaniment rather than one of the prominent instruments.

The three songs all have a different tone to them with “Flying White Pillow” portraying a much more for the lack of better description “hipster-friendly” tone. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear the song on United States store speakers.

The last song “You and I” also sounds very American in the arrangements and tone. The change in style that Telepathy show on Techno Shoes is much more organic and interesting than their previous releases and the songs quickly become much more addictive.

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(source: wakesidevision)