After listening to the first three EPs of the Sentimental series, I was very curious to know what 미스티 블루 would do for the fourth. It’s safe to say that while Sentimental Painkiller isn’t my favorite, it is number two.

Over seven songs, 미스티 블루 create a landscape of music that it wholly original, but still has similarities to other Korean indie bands. I think it’s in the delivery of the lyrics over the music that make it individualistic.

On the EP, 미스티 블루 take all the time they want to introduce their songs and present the themes in them. Even though most of the songs range in the 3:30 range, they feel longer and that makes them even more special.

It was worth waiting to hear the whole series and I think listening to them in sequence will reveal something amazing.

Not from Sentimental Painkiller

(source: wakesidevision)

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