When Anna introduced Momguamaum, I was very interested in the music because of the members involved. Thankfully, the music video doesn’t betray the excellence of the whole EP.

A lot of bands can play four songs and not say a single thing about their abilities, but Momguamaum have a mixture of psychedelic prog rock, 70s/80s garage rock, and 90s alternative in their music. It’s an amazing combination of sounds that come across in a strong presentation of great music.

You’re going to get a lot of interesting rhythms and sounds on Deja-vu, but Momguamaum really know how to combine the different sounds together and mold their different playing styles into some amazing songs.

For a debut, they present a very strong first statement with Deja-vu and I’m interested in hearing future songs.

Momguamaum on Twitter.

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