Playing an acoustic style of music has a lot of potential and some drawbacks. Since the music relies a lot on the vocalist and how the instrumentals work to fill in gaps of time, the result can be something amazing or repetitive.

Hawaaii present a great album that has a slightly bohemian and simple presence. The music is easy to digest, focusing on an acoustic guitar and female vocals. Small percussion accompanies songs to create an opposing rhythm, but the songs are focused on those two elements. It’s also nice to hear male vocals creating a different dynamic in the music. Even though the guitar is the same, there’s a different tone to the songs.

There’s a type of acoustic rock that depends so much on higher pitched female vocals which creates good and abrasive songs, but Hawaaii’s female vocals are mellow and display themselves in a slightly lower tone that contains a warmer and welcoming sound.

Over the 13 songs, the style is acoustic indie rock, but there are a lot of great gems and the album presents a great warm emotion.

공기의기록, 하와이 – 꽃 from OFFBEAT on Vimeo.

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