I really enjoyed J. Rabbit‘s It’s Spring a lot. The album had a lot of good songs and some of the video recordings of the songs also doubled as the audio for songs. At the same time, it felt like J. Rabbit didn’t have everything together for more original songs and focused on the video performances.

With Looking Around, I haven’t seen a recent J. Rabbit video and it doesn’t look like they’ve had much activity with videos for a couple months. The recording of Looking Around has the same tone as their first full-length, so it sounds like they recorded it in the same way. But their second full-length sounds much more mature and more direct in expanding and evolving their sound.

The songs still have that coffee house indie feel to them which is something I think J. Rabbit excels at creating. The vocals don’t sound too different, but there is also another more mature tone to them. They didn’t need a lot of work, but there did seem to be a “project” feel originally that doesn’t exist with these set of songs.

J. Rabbit’s Looking Around still contains the same song construction of It’s Spring. The mufti-layered tracks that were recorded separately and mixed together are the core of how J. Rabbit make their songs, but they have hit a special kind of indie pop rock that works especially well. Looking Around is a great second album for the duo and they continue to progress and become a better band as time goes on.

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