Oksang Dalbit have a great acoustic sound on their debut full-length 28. The presentation of Oksang Dalbit’s music is centered on the combination of dual female vocals who each have their own specific voice. It’s very easy to hear the differences between the two and when they sing simultaneously, a great harmony emerges.

28’s sound is indie rock with a lot of different styles added in the various songs. The album is twelve songs, and Oksang Dalbit show off a lot of talent for many different genres of music. I wouldn’t say that they play a simple style even when the music comes across in that way. 28 has a lot of layers on every song.

There is a familiar tone in the Oksang Dalbit’s music that goes beyond the borders of South Korea. There are influences of ragtime and jazz in their music, even though they may not play the same tempos. It’s another example of how the varied styles of indie music are showing their colors.

Oksang Dalbit present a different sound because of how they use and implement older styles in their music while presenting a consistent vocal style which is what stands out the most with their music. On the first listen, Oksang Dalbit may not seem that impressive, but if you listen multiple times the music shows the layers.

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