The Freaks play a rock style that uses rock as the base while adding constantly moving lines of melody in the instruments. It sounds a lot like The Freaks need to keep moving forward by using the various instruments to create simplistic sounding, but dense melody.

It’s possible to consider 그래, 아무것도 하지 말자 as a simple indie rock album, but on the first listen, the music doesn’t accurately show how talented the band are. The instrumentals may be simple with repeating verses and the accompanying drum kit, but there’s a lot of precision in the music.

One of the only problems is that unless you really know the songs, they all can sound similar. The band uses the same effects on the majority of the songs and the style that they play is also definitely consistent so you could get pulled into an album that sounds repetitive at first.

Indie rock fans will enjoy The Freaks because of the style of music and how they present simple sounding songs that are actually complex.

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