Hee Young‘s self-released debut EP contains seven songs, five in English and two re-recorded in Korean. The presentation of her music is very influenced by American indie music. At the core, her music is in the singer-songwriter genre, but sits in a place that feels more honest than a lot of other musicians in the United States.

So Sudden‘s recording is sparse and simple, but contains a lot of emotion behind the guitar and vocals. Accompanied by piano, drums, and other instruments; the songs on the EP are dense. It takes a lot of time to process through all the melodies that speak to each other.

Hee Young showed an intense amount of potential with the EP because of its professional sound regardless of the EP being a self-release. With her full-length debut released, you can hear how fully realized songs can sound, but her EP holds a great mark for her beginning.

The Korean re-recordings are among the first that actually sound natural. The intonation and pronunciation are great because they follow the melodies and don’t feel forced. I still hope to hear more original Korean songs from Hee Young, but it was a big surprise to hear Korean on an American EP.

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