Shin Garam Band was one of those groups that I found randomly, but quickly got hooked on the music. Their album 어른이 되었다 was a mixture of rock and punk, a style that I hadn’t heard from in a while.

I asked through 신가람밴드’s Twitter if they would answer some questions. Once again, I got lucky and the band was willing to answer questions that I sent.

They also sent a very interesting bio for each member of the band.

Can you introduce yourselves and the band?

We all met in 2009 to start Shin Garam‘s solo album, [=ctpr0kxv]. In 2010, we officially formed Shin Garam to produce and release a single called Crazy Rock’n Roll (2010). Then we released our first album 어른이 되었다 (2011), We Became Adults, which was released through the Band Incubating Contest organized by KT&G Sangsangmadang. Now we are part of Rocat Punch Music Group, which was founded by the famous band Cherry Filter. Now we are actively performing.

신가람 (Shin Garam) Vocal, Guitar

“Vocalist that sings with fierce eyes and heart”

“Unlike my edgy energy, I’m pretty shy. In the band, I’m in charge of vocal and guitar.”

Birthday – Feb 18th
Favorite Food – Fried Chicken
Favorite Character – Eric Cartman from South Park
Favorite Actors – Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor
Food Dislikes – Anchovy
Drinking Ability – 1.5 bottle of Soju
Swimming Ability – Can’t swim
Dream Present – Surf Board
Hobbies – Surfing, Snowboarding

진아 (Zin A) Guitar

“An energetic guitarist with touch of cuteness”

“Cheery and merry but also enthusiastic, kind and calm, at least I think so.”

Birthday – Oct 29th
Favorite Food – Any chicken dishes
Favorite Character – Arare
Favorite Actors – Soo Hyun Kim
Food Dislikes – Cucumber
Drinking Ability – 3 shots of Soju
Swimming Ability – Can swim
Dream Present – Lots of shoes (I’m size 7!)
Hobbies – Typography, game, chatting on the phone

이원진 (Lee Won Zin) Bass

“Unique and Charismatic Bassist”

“Try to find humor and good spirit on everything I do”

Birthday – Nov 5th
Favorite Food – Meat!
Favorite Character – Luffy
Favorite Actors – Edward Norton, Ka Eun Jung
Food Dislikes – None
Drinking Ability – Half bottle of soju
Swimming Ability – Can swim
Dream Present – iPad, iPhone, Mac Book
Hobbies – Bowling, Billard, Swimming

이윤찬 (Lee Yun Chan) Drums

“Fearless and Powerful drummer who may break things with sticks”

“Unlike my appearance, I’m weak, doesn’t like to move, inactive, and I’m in charge of drums.”

Birthday – Feb 17th
Favorite Food – Korean, Western, Chinese and Japanese food
Favorite Character – Maeno, Dooly, Optimus Prime
Favorite Actors – Tommy Lee Jones,Chloe Moretz, Fukatsu Eri, Jung Woo Ha, Byung Hun Lee
Food Dislikes – Apple, Apple, Apple, and Apple!
Drinking Ability – 1.5 bottle of Soju
Swimming Ability – I think so…
Dream Present – Girl’s Generation
Hobbies – Photography, Videography

Can you describe your music?

Our music is based on alternative and punk added with simple rhythm and digestible melody. By doing so, we hope to produce an energetic sound.

We want to have THE Shin Garam Band’s sound and colors where people recognize our unique sound, such as songs like “Crazy Rock n’ Roll”, which was made with a single riff, and “Coming Back” with simple rhythm and chord.

Is there any band that you are fans of?

Shin Garam (Vocal, Guitar): Nirvana, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Green Day, AC/DC
Zin A (Guitar): Red Hot Chili Peppers, tuck & patti, Jack Johnson
Lee Won Zin (Bass): Seo Taeji, BoA, Girls’ Generation, Guns N’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Green Day
Lee Yun Chan (Drums): Metallica, Megadeth, Carcass, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Green Day, Girls’ Generation

What do you think of international readers becoming interested in Korean rock music?

It’s actually hard to believe since we are mostly performing in Korea. But the attention and interests in Korean rock scene are definitely cool. The Korean rock/indie scene is rapidly developing, actually faster than K-pop.

We’re excited where the Korean indie/rock scene is headed to and we have faith that it will grow faster. Last but not the least, we want to thank all the international people who are interested in our music!

What are your plans for 2012?

We are hard at work to bring out some new music this summer and hope to perform as much as we can. We also plan on releasing new singles through iTunes so our music can reach the international audience easier.

Have you thought about touring internationally?

We’re definitely waiting for the opportunity and the label is actually actively looking for international opportunities.

A big thanks to 신가람밴드 for taking the time to answer my questions. The music the band plays is upbeat and fast rock and roll. With their individual introductions, you know what to talk to them about if you meet them.

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