Epitone Project is a producer who creates instrumental tracks and has guest vocalists sing over his songs. The music creation style is similar to Sentimental Scenery, though Sentimental Scenery’s last album was a big step in a different direction.

The music on 유실물 보관소 is much more of an indie pop/instrumental style and depending on the vocalist, changes the tone of the individual track. It’s very serene and sounds like the vocalist is specifically paired with the song they sing on. His instrumentals take a different approach and use a lot of empty space to create a tension, even when the song is simple.

유실물 보관소 has a lot of variety and touches a good amount of sub-genres while speaking with a consistent theme. It may not be entirely “indie,” but the vocals really bring each song alive.

Epitone Project is a little different music, but it’s easy to appreciate the abilities.

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