Like many readers of Korean Indie, I get a lot of my news from Anna. I read the news site as much as any other reader. When I heard about Fromm, I was entranced by her voice.

It didn’t sit in the higher vocal range and had a warm, melodic tone to each syllable. When I listened to 사랑 아니었나, I was a little disappointed that it was only a two song single, but the music is excellent.

Taking an acoustic guitar and vocal approach with accompanying instruments, the music sounds very natural and unforced. The mellow vocals weave through the tempos and act as focus for each beat.

Fromm’s voice is both familiar and distinct because it sounds very natural and flowing. It doesn’t sound like she’s straining to hit notes or express herself with the vocals.

Since 사랑 아니었나 is only a single, I’m interested in hearing anything else she may record in the future.