It’s great to hear solo work from members of others bands, especially when it’s in a different style from what they usually play. tete was a part of Telepathy and his first full-length definitely presents a different sound.

Eclipse isn’t the first release under the name, 2011 had his EP Romantico. It’s not exactly singer-songwriter type music and fits easily within indie rock, but there is a slight acoustic/alt-country/jazz feel when listening. Guest like 한희정 (Han Heejung) and Fromm, Eclipse adds a welcome parallel vocal style.

The ten songs on the album carry different themes, but occasionally there is a slight older tone to the songs. It presents itself as a mix of older indie/alternative rock, but retains the lighter tone. Sometimes there are even chord progressions that sound perfect for Kpop.

Eclipse is an excellent album. It shows tete’s versatility in his music away from Telepathy and also that he’s not stuck in one genre for music.

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