I enjoy The Koxx‘s first EP Enter more than their first full-length, but Bon Voyage sounds like it could have been the bridge between the two releases.

Even with four songs, The Koxx present a strong EP with songs that don’t sound like B-sides or quickly created leftover riffs. It’s more melodic than the electro-pop synth of Access Ok and features more melody in the vocals and somewhat slower tempos. The music of The Koxx still sounds the most “international” of current indie bands and all the songs on the EP could easily translate to wider markets.

Bon Voyage doesn’t feature the same almost hyper sounds of the full-length, but the cohesive sound is even more impressive. The band are creating music that takes cues from older music and add their own flourish to each beat. The different guitar arrangements continue to make complex polyrhythms that sounds simple, but would take a lot of time to hone to perfection.

The Koxx continue to create great music and it’s nice they didn’t just repeat the same tone of their previous release.

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