Normally Autumn Vacation isn’t music that I listen to often. The more “classical” style on indie music is very based on my mood, but I was curious about 실내악 외출 because it was a collaboration. The album is strongly acoustic with female vocals that contain a smooth, silky sound.

The instrumentals surrounding the vocals are mainly piano and strings giving the songs that classical feel. It’s almost like more common instruments were replaced with strings to add a very soundtrack feel to each song. It is nice that the tempos of the songs doesn’t lag and have excellent pacing.

Also, even though the music is classical in sound, there’s a lot of layers on each song. If the piano isn’t the primary instrument, another string instrument takes prominence. With 7 songs, I would have thought that 실내악 외출 would sound short and unfinished, but at the end of the album, there is a definite complete feel. Each song has a common theme and when coming away from each of the songs, there was a sense of longing at the end. I don’t know if that was the intent, but it finishes brilliantly.

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