LeeSsang have a long history in Korean hip-hop. Formerly members of Honey Family, 개리 (Gary) and (Gil) have eight albums under their name. Unplugged is their 2012 release that moved away from samples and beats to feature all live musicians.

Even though LeeSsang are big in Korean variety, their music is also popular. While this could be an off-shoot from their television appearances, their music is impressive. They combine different genres on this album, from rock to a swing/jazz mix along with R&B influenced songs.

Each song has a distinct quality because of how well the duo create the songs. 개리, as the primary vocalist, delivers his verses along with the best with distinct precision and each word is easily understandable. The progression of their style from their first album to this one is incredible. Every track on the album has a distinct taste.

LeeSsang are an amazing duo and worth the time to listen through each and every song they produce.

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