Broccoli, you too? released their first full-length in 2008. The album features both male and female vocals that flow in a great melody. The core of the band is indie pop. Light and upbeat songs highlight the album. I wouldn’t want to go as far and say it’s “happy” music, but each song on the album carries an enjoyable theme.

The song that sticks out the most from the album is “2009년의 우리들.” I don’t know if it was highlighted on a soundtrack or where it was used, but it’s the song that I always remember that Broccoli, you too? have played. The music has its own individual quality that doesn’t mix with any other band I’ve heard. There are other bands that play similar styles, but they don’t meet the same sound that the band has.

Containing 12 songs, the even rhythms of Broccoli, you too? have that indie pop sound, but there are other elements like ballad orchestration are present in the album as well. Broccoli, you too? have a distinct sound that’s worth listening to.

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