Korean hip-hop has almost as much variety as Korean indie does. The different samples and backing tracks that different artists use is staggering. Vasco‘s 3rd album Guerrilla Muzik is one of my favorite hip-hop albums of all time. It’s aggressive in tone and verse delivery and presents another side to Korean music.

Another great part of Korean hip-hop is that almost every album has guest artists so you seem to get a sample of another artist. Guerrilla Muzik is 16 tracks of curses, amazing verses, and tone. Guests like Swings, Huckleberry P, and Verbal Jint bring their individual styles and assist in developing the songs that they are on.

When listening to the album, expect to be surprised if you’ve been sticking to indie or pop because hip-hop uses different rules. If you’re looking for bass-fronted beats, that doesn’t really show itself with the focus on vocals and how they flow along the beats. The songs may use the standard 4/4 time, but the tempos and samples can easily change the tone of each song.

Enjoy Guerilla Musik.

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