What I like about Gate Flowers is that their style of rock is like old school rock and some-Galaxy Express style presentation. The vocals stick out the most from the music because it’s not melodic and has a harshness to it that adds to the gritty nature of the music.

Times is a portal to hard rock that isn’t really prevalent in indie rock. It’s slower tempos and somewhat trudging, but it’s a lot of fun to listen to. If you enjoy more melodic and light music, Gate Flowers probably isn’t the band for you. But I do think Galaxy Express fans will really enjoy the music.

It’s a long album with 12 songs and it has a complete and varied sound. The style is consistent, but the songs don’t bleed into each other at all. If anything, the band shows a lot of strength in their songwriting. The recording of the album is excellent with a slight raw tone to it so there isn’t any overproduction on any of the songs.

If you’ve been looking for hard rock, Gate Flowers has it.

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