It’s been a long time since I listened to Lucite Tokki, the only album I had heard from them was their second album a Little Sparkle. Their teasers for the album presented a stronger production of their songs and I was curious to find out what the entire album would be.

Grow to Glow is an interesting album. It mixes indie pop rock with synth and other electronica elements. It sounds like something new and I think with lower production, the album would sound really different. But the release is a perfect mix of the two styles.

I do think that “Free” is a strong single to lead the album that showcases 조예진‘s vocals. There is a slight dissonance in that the vocals sound slightly tuned. Hearing her voice live, I know she can sing, but the album has this strange tone over the vocals. The song “Go” is reminds me of Sentimental Scenery style of production with repeating verses and background vocals, but it’s a nice song to listen to.

Overall, Grow to Glow is a meeting of styles and also sounds like a perfect Summer album. The progression and evolution of the duo is significant and contains a lot of enjoyable songs.

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