I severely dislike most popular country music. But I love alt-country and folk music. Big Baby Driver play the style that I enjoy the most. I’ve heard of Big Baby Driver before, but never really listened to her music. After listening to her self-titled first album, I realize that I missed an incredible album.

Focused on her voice and acoustic guitar, over 12 songs, she presents a style of music that easily translates to the singer-songwriter styles of American fold artists. It’s calming and well arranged music that shows off her guitar skills and melancholy vocals.

The songs are mainly sung in English and are easily understood. It’s different hearing music like this from South Korea because it’s not a style that’s regularly played. There are bands that fall under singer-songwriter or acoustic, but Big Baby Driver has a distinct sound that’s not reproduced by anyone else I’ve heard before.

If you’ve ever looked for something different, Big Baby Driver is what you should listen to.

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