Bobby Kim is an amazing vocalist. Heart & Soul is his third album, but the first one that I heard. I’d listened to a lot of other genres of music, but never really dived into rhythm and blues as a genre for Korean music because I didn’t think it really existed.

Heart & Soul changed my mind. Even though it’s from 2010, I keep the album on me at all times because it’s the perfect example I would give to anyone as an example of what Korean R&B can be. His voice is melodic and full of “soul.” The songs on the album are a mixture of recognizable Western R&B mixed with Korean styles of arrangement and samples. Had I heard the album when it originally released, it would easily be my album of the year.

His song “남자답게” is an amazing mix of Latin rhythms with a soul backbone and his vocals fit each beat perfectly. Other songs feature guests like Double K and Sean2slow. One of the strongest tracks is called “Empty” featuring Ali and 권정열 of 10cm.

It’s an amazing trio of voices on that song and worth listening to repeatedly. I can’t get over how good Heart & Soul is because it has so many excellent elements. If you ever wanted to get a feel for what Korean R&B sounds like, just listen to Bobby Kim.

Bobby Kim on iTunes.

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