I listened to Galaxy ExpressNoise on Fire and Wild Days a good amount, but I’d lost them in them in the mix of new music. Finally, I came back with Come On& Get Up! and I’m glad to return. The energy that Galaxy Express give in their releases can’t be contained and each song sounds like they put 100% into each performance.

Their live shows are incredible as well from what I hear, and I can only imagine how much harder they play these songs. The standout song that I’ve been playing over and over is “홀로 이렇게.” The song has an addictive guitar riff and the vocals are sung in a way that bleeds excellence.

There may only be seven songs, but each one is brings an energy that can’t be heard everywhere. The best way to describe the music is garage rock. The presentation of the songs has a slight “unpolished” edge to it, but adds an aggressive tint to each beat. There are other garage rock bands in South Korea, but there isn’t another band that play like Galaxy Express.

There are a few bands that every listener of Korean rock should know and Galaxy Express is one of them.

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