MC Sniper was a hip-hop artist who I listened to a lot when I first listened to Korean hip-hop. He fell off my radar for a while until I heard of Full Time. As his 6th full length, I was curious what kind of songs he would present.

The album is a mixture of songs with piano-backed instrumentals or stronger, aggressive beats that all feature excellent verses. Guests like Illinit and Snipersound help add another dimension to the music. Full Time’s style is both a callback to older beats and looking towards more current and common samples.

It doesn’t sound like most albums, but has a connection to the albums released in the last year. MC Sniper’s vocal delivery is very distinct and clean. Each word is pronounced and easy to understand and carries a great amount of power behind each word. It sounds like he has the ability to speak very quickly, but it’s not heard on the album.

The flow of the album is complex moving from style to style, but MC Sniper is one of the old-school hip-hop artists that deserves to still be heard.

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