Broccoli, you too? haven’t been around in the indie music scene for some time. 골든-힛트 모음집 [앵콜요청금지.] is a re-introduction to the band after a year and a half. Anna released news about the purpose of the album.

Since the songs are from their official demos and full-length, you’re going to hear the indie pop rock that makes the band a lot of fun to listen to. The 2 disc release features seventeen songs, more than enough to get a feel for the music that Broccoli, you too? perform.

It’s a mixture of indie pop rock and layered guitar arrangements over melodic verses. Their music isn’t entirely original, but they play the style with a lot of energy. From what I’ve seen it looks like the songs were re-recorded or at least the vocals because there is a definite difference in the vocals from the original songs.

든-힛트 모음집 [앵콜요청금지.] contains fast tempos, but the mellow and melodic nature of the vocals change the tone of the songs. There’s not a lot of “crunch” in the music and follows a melody-over-all presentation.

If you’ve never heard of Broccoli, you too?, this album is a perfect introduction. If you’re familiar with the music, the songs have a different feeling that’s still worth listening to.

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