Lucite Tokki were one of the earlier bands that I found when exploring indie rock. They had a slightly more acoustic style when I started listening to them and their third album, Grow to Glow, carried a different, but mature sound.

The duo were nice enough to agree to an interview through Facebook and answered the questions really quickly. Unfortunately, the original response got lost in the vastness of lost emails and I had to have them send the answers again.

Can you introduce yourselves?

안녕하세요 루싸이트토끼 입니다. 저희는 노래하는 조예진과 기타치는 김선영으로 이루어진 2인조 싱어송라이터 팝밴드 입니다.

Hello there! We are Lucite Tokki! We are a singer song writer pop band with singer Yejin Cho and guitarist Sun Young Kim.

Can you describe your music for listeners unfamiliar?

단순히 말하자면 팝 음악입니다. 때론 기타팝이나 포크팝이라 불리기도 하고 때론 일렉트로닉 팝으로 분류되었다가 어떤 곡엔 락킹한 요소도 있어 팝락으로도 둔갑되지만 중요한 건 한 해 한 해 달라지는 우리 모습을 그대로 반영하고 있는, 우리만큼의 영혼이 깃든 음악 이라는 점입니다.

In one word, it’s pop. Sometimes we are labeled as guitar pop, folk pop, or electronic pop. Also, as some songs have more “rockfish” feel to it, we are also seen as pop rock. However, the most important thing is each year is we transform and grow, our music reflects ourselves and our souls.

It’s been some years between your second and third albums with 2 singles. What has the band been up to?

2집을 끝내면서 레이블을 옮기게 되었고 작업실도 새로 구하면서 그간 바쁘게 지냈습니다. 3집 작업을 본격적으로 시작한건 올해 2월 부터였지만 꾸준히 곡도 쓰고 여행도 다녀오며 3집을 위한 준비를 하다보니 시간이 조금 걸렸네요.

As we finished our 2nd album, we went to a different label and found a new work space so we’ve been pretty busy. We’ve been working on our 3rd album since February of this year but since we’re continuously writing our songs and traveling around, it took more time than we expected.

Are there any bands that you are fans of in Korea or internationally?

너무 많아서 늘 곤란한 질문인데… 한국에선 롤러코스터(지금은 해체)라는 밴드를 가장 좋아했었고 해외에선 mansun(역시 해체된 팀)과 phoenix,jamiroquai를 가장 좋아합니다.

This is a difficult question since we have so many! As of Korean bands, we like Rollercoaster (disbanded) the most and as for foreign bands, we really like Mansun (disbanded as well), Phoenix, and Jamiroquai.

What do you think of the Korean indie music scene?

어쩌다 보니 벌써 6년째 한국 인디씬에서 활동중이지만 사실 좋은점 보단 아쉬운점이 많이 느껴집니다. 시장이 너무 협소하고 편중되어 있어 다양한 장르의 여러 밴드들이 살아남기 힘들다는 점이 가장 아쉽습니다.

It’s been 6 years that we’ve been in Korean indie scene. Frankly, the downsides just become more apparent. The market is tight and skewed, which is detrimental for many genres and bands to survive.

What’s your favorite Korean food?

대체로 다 잘먹는 편입니다. 선영은 요즘 냉면과 수제비를, 예진은 떡볶이와 막국수를 즐겨 먹습니다.

We eat almost everything. These days, SunYoung likes to eat cold noodles and Sujebi, and for Yejin, Dukbokki and Mak noodles.

Where do you see Lucite Tokki in 5 years?

아마도 5집을 낸 가수가 되어있지 않을까요? 아니면 미국에서 1집이나 2집을 냈을 수도 있겠지요! 하핫

Probably a band with a 5th album? Or we may have released our 1st or 2nd album in the US. Haha.

A big thanks to Lucite Tokki for taking the time to answer my questions. It looks like they’re consistently working on music or performing. Their third album, Grow to Glow, is a great release and deserves to be listened to.

Lucite Tokki on Twitter.
Lucite Tokki on Facebook.
Lucite Tokki’s site.

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