There are a few genres that I don’t expect to hear from Korean music. Non play one of the those styles with their bluegrass and country music. From the first song, “군인,” I was surprised on how well they played a genre that I rarely even listen to in the United States.

Non’s acoustic folkish rock mixes other music influences like blues and swing in their music creating a resulting sound that is modern and old school. It’s a big surprise to hear all the layers in Sound of Non. The band isn’t afraid to try different sounds like in “Music Quality” which has a strange indie garage rock sound. They are definitely an experimental band who isn’t afraid to try different things with each song.

Somehow the band creates a cohesive ten track album even though the individual songs sound so different. The lo-fi quality of the songs adds a great creative tone. Listening through Sound of Non, you’re going to hear a lot of older styles of music translated with more current recording.

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